About Me

My name’s John Nebauer and I’m currently based in Adelaide and work as a TAFE librarian. I’ve been gaming since high school, when my science teacher got a group of us to play miniatures (Napoleonics using WRG rules and Airfix plastics). We expanded our horizons to board wargames and RPGs (D&D and Traveller mostly). Played lots of Avalon Hill stuff (the original Squad Leader series, Circus Maximus) and so on.

I tend to prefer my wargames smaller and shorter these days (time and space limitations) and that can accurately model the conflict. I really like Joe Miranda’s early stuff, and anything by Ben Knight or Charles Vasey. I also like the stuff that Markus Stumptner and Chris Harding produce (I have to say that because they are gaming buddies, but it’s also true).

I’ve also done some playtesting in the past, including Caesar at Alexandria (GMT), Wilderness War (GMT), Spanish Eagles: Talavera and Albuera (Compass) and Chennault’s First Fight (ATO).

I still play D&D as well (most fortnights), currently using D&D 4th edition rules.


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