Upcoming Game

Tomorrow night Chris Harding gets to see the new house for the first time. We’re trying Fifth Corps‘s scenario one, which is (possibly) a good one to get into the system. I say possibly, because Chris and I think it rather unbalanced (though given that it’s a learning scenario that is probably of little importance).

It’s only of importance to me in that Chris and I both think that the Soviets have the hardest road. The U.S and West Germans really need just sit in the main objective hexs and the Soviets will be hard-pressed to chisel them out. I play the Soviets tmorrow night, and so I will (as so often happens) get my head handed to me on a platter. Perhaps it comes with having John as a name, and thus my poor game play is really my mother’s fault, so I can have a nice cup of tea and try to master noughts and crosses (gosh, it does have a BGG entry – well, well, well).. 

BGG tells me that I last played Chris on May 1. Moving, illness and lack of transport (one of our cars was off the road with an enoooormous dent made, it seemed, by a rhinoceros  on steroids, just when we wanted said car for moving house) have kept us from gaming for some time, so it will be good to get together.  Last time, I got to play NATO. I lost. приветствия, камрады!!


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